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At Softroc, we’re proud to showcase some of our longstanding work. Softroc Safety Surfaces are used in a wide variety of applications from swimming pools and decks, playgrounds, home gyms, garages and so much more.

Garages & Driveways
Animal Care Facilities
Trails & Pathways
Marinas & Boats
Patios & Porches
Athletic Facilities

 Before & Afters 

The transformative effects of our poured in place rubber surfacing can create a sense of luxury, comfort and safety anywhere in your home. Our high quality rubber and binders can handle the extreme weather conditions of heat, rain, snow and ice. 

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Pool Decks

Trails & Pathways

Patios & Porches



With over 30 years of management and install experience we uphold the highest standards of quality and service.


We provide you with the tools, materials and resources needed to complete projects. If help is needed, we have designed training and support initiatives to help you succeed.



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